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Anonymous asked:
what do u think makes someone a bad person?


the usual shit i dunno, i dont really think of people had “good” or “bad” i guess i prefer to look at them individually for their complexities: what they do and WHY they do it. 

take for example alex in a clockwork orange: at his introduction he appears to be vile, an antagonist, somebody who the viewer dislikes and views in a negative way. but, when subjected to inhumane psychological conditioning, alex becomes the protagonist: a mere victim of society. Why is it that when we are able to so clearly view this conditioning through hyperbolic measures that we are able to distinguish the true lack of choice that us as members of society have? that is of course, not to excuse one’s actions on a basis of conditioning because while yes free will and choice does exist, it is the realities in which we live that truly shapes out opportunities and thus the choices that stem from them?

w/e im rambling.

This is important


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do u ever just look at your hand




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im in love with my best friend

I understand

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